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April 10 2017

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March 15 2017

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March 07 2017

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Cudowna, delikatna muzyka. Idealna dla wrażliwych słuchaczy lub na długie przejażdżki samochodem. Świetnym opisem tego utworu będą słowa „syntezator nawiedzony przez Samaela”. Polecam!
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March 06 2017

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July 01 2015

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the new neighbors seem cool.

May 26 2015

May 20 2015

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Merzbow - Batztoutai With Material Gadgets (1993)

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May 19 2015

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What did you want to be when you grow up?
Certainly not raped
That's the difference between you
A drunk? A drug addict
A motherly protector of the young?
Another bed-staining cunt?
A child molestor that needs to be told?
Or just a craven lust-driven artist
Channelling confusion and fear
Into a sickly limp repetitive craft
Yes, that's the difference between you
You'll act late and surprised
You say you loved sex?
You'll love being hated for the act
The filthier the abuse and the desperate underage details
The fatter the payback
So rather than just listen
Be altered by what's been said

Now that's the difference between me
I'll show you emotional truth
I'll show you the fucking source
I'll show you yet another fucking liar
And this is for the you
I'll show you that something that makes you:
Feel different
Feel special
I'll give you:
I'll give the you something
Even more interesting than the last one
And I'll tell you why it's the best one yet
And then you can look back on it all
And say:
This is the best thing that ever happened to me
And see:
Why you never became a dancer
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May 15 2015

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Brighter Death Now, Payday

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May 01 2015

April 18 2015

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April 06 2015

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April 04 2015

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Incapacitants - No Progress (1994) [74 minutes]

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April 02 2015

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